Decorative Concrete Options Available



We have six stamp patterns to choose from. Stamp new concrete or 3/8" stamp overlay installed over existing concrete. Color mixed into concrete. Final seal coat applied to enhance color and make for future easier cleaning.

Stamped Concrete is at the very top of the decorative concrete world. It is the high end luxury in decorative. Price wise compared to other natural stones or paver products stamping is acutually usually either very close or even less than those in cost. Easier maintance this is and is too last alot longer in lifespan. To achieve a surface texture that is unmatched in detail this is your way to go. 



Lots of patterns to choose from. Colors mixed right into product. Typical thickness of 1/4" overall. These thin toppings are actually stronger than the concrete that will be underneath. It's not concrete but a high grade of polymers, sands, and more components blended together to achieve an extremley hard and durable suface. 

Used to overlay over old existing concrete for a beautiful new decorative look! Usually a good deal less expensive when compared to stamped concrete prices. 

When adding on to a concrete slab there will be a color difference due to age of your concrete in place already. Stenciled toppings are a great economical way to cover over old and new concrete. Leaving one very nice decorative concrete masterpiece.



Outdoor concrete projects and interior concrete slabs can be quickly and cost effectively brought to life with our concrete staining process. We can do a one color acid stain for a nice marble like effect. We can also combine multiple colors into a project for a unique one of a kind custom floor. 

Saw cut lines can be placed in the slab by a few different methods. These lines can be placed into a pattern across your entire floor plan or on a room by room basis. Creating a typical tiled floor look but with a twist an endless opportunity to design and create any floor you could possibly imagine. 

Adding multiple colors and saw cut patterns and even stencil patterns can be used to create just for example a cobblestone border with even more color variations and contrast. 

Staining Indoors

acid stained and sealed concrete floor

Looking for a finished interior concrete flooring solution. Concrete acid staining and sealing is just one additional option we make available to you. Commercial or Residential. We are here to answer any questions you may have in the different finished concrete flooring options. 

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Q: Does concrete staining hold up over time?

A: Yes, if your floor was properly prepped before stain product was applied and a general cleaning and maintenance schedule is followed. 

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