Decorative Concrete Options Available


We have six stamp patterns to choose from. Stamp new concrete or 3/8" stamp overlay installed over existing concrete. Color mixed into concrete. Final seal coat applied to enhance color and make for future easier cleaning.


Lots of patterns to choose from. Colors mixed right into product. Used to overlay over old existing concrete for  a beautiful new decorative look! Usually a good deal less expensive when compared to stamped concrete prices.


Outdoor concrete and interior concrete slabs staining is offered. We can do one color acid stain for a nice marble like effect. We can also combine multiple colors into a project for a unique one of a kind floor. Lots of possibility!

Special Offers Available

One basic floor cleaning, stain one acid two tone marble look color and 2 coats of sealer (shine or matte finish available. All included for $2.00 per square foot with only a 800 square foot minimum

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Q: Does concrete staining hold up over time?

A: Yes, if your floor was properly prepped before stain product was applied and a general cleaning and maintenance schedule is followed. 

Spray texture stencil project video in action!

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