Is polished concrete floors what you are looking for?


Understanding what is "Polished Concrete Floors."

No this is not like applying a wax and polishing your car guys. Ladies this isn't like polishing those beautiful nails of yours either. 

Concrete Polishing is a mechanically finished surface achieved by increasing the grit levels of the special purpose diamond disc on our machines. Ever pass over the floor with higher grit levels  will gradually increase the natural hardness of the concrete floor itself. Thus allowing a natural and true shine to the floor without any sealers or waxes needed. 


Previous Coating's? No Problem!

No matter what glue, epoxies, paints, stains and more that are currently on your existing concrete floor we got you taken care of. With lots of expertise on the job sites we are prepared for any coating throwed at us. There is a proper tool type of tool or removal product for everything! 


Endless Benifits That Come With Polished Concrete Floors! .

Here is a quick look at same of the amazing benifits of being the owner of such a flooring method


Check out this great video

polished concrete, grind and polish concrete, forget garage floor epoxy. This is the best solution that will never flake up. Terrazzo like look. 800, 1,500, up too 3,000 grit shine!

grind and polished concrete 3,000 grit

Commercial Finishes

This is what all of you commercial clients will want to go with when in choosing a finsihed concrete flooring option. Natural concrete colors are simple but yet an eye catching method for flooring needs in your businesses and industries. 

Color can be added with Dyes and even saw cut patterns created into the floor for a design with even more muliple colors done for an endless to the imagination design possibilites. 

Home Applications

Homeowners choose this method over other finished decorative flooring options sometimes as well. Polishing is the luxery/high end of the finished concrete floor options but a little more money actually gets you alot more in this case. 

Finishing your basement off or just tired of the same old flooring materials available too you? Polished concrete floors may be just what you need then. Different ways to achieve this but one way can leave you with a Terrazzo like apperance in your floor that will get your guest in a buzz of conversation. Carports and garages is another sutiable application for polished floors. 

Very Slip Resistant Floor and Extremley Easy To Maintain

Even with all of your polished concrete floors shine and brillance believe it or not these floors are no more slippery than any other typical flooring product that you see that covers the concrete. Very slip resistant! 

Also think about all the tiles you may have to replace over the years that break or come loose from the slab that will have to be replaced. Your concrete will never have to be replaced. 

Sweeping the floors daily and mats at entry ways are the best advice that I can give to you on maintance. Very high traffic areas in commercial settings will require a general buffing of the floor (typical janitorial crew duty and maintance schedule) to keep the floor looking shiny and new in those areas is all. Very easily achierved by typical janitorial companies. No special equipment needed.

Is grinding and polishing the same?

No, grinding is when the top layer of the concrete floor is mechanically ground away. The top of the concrete surface is removed and this takes away blemishes in the concrete surface from when the slab was originally poured and finished in its beginning. Grinding also levels the floors more and the more level a floor is the more light reflectivity it will have after the final polish stage of the floor is complete at the end.  

Polishing is not removing any more of the top of the concrete. Polishing is achieved with multiple passes over your floor with increased diamond grit levels on our machine. Each pass closes the pours of the concrete more and more thus increasing the  hardness of the surface and refining just the top surface paste of the floor. 

Typical job process understood

First we start the process usually by 

grinding the concerte surface with metal bond diamonds on our machines. This levels the floor for more light reflectivity or shine at the end. Removing blemishes in the concrete itself. Depending on what type of look you want to achieve we also grind down into the concrete to achieve more or less aggergate exposure. Exposing more rock and sands in your concrete to achieve a terrazzo apperance. Just depends on what you want your final apperance to be

Grinding first pass with machine

-30 grit metal bond diamonds

Then second pass with

-60 grit metal bond diamonds

(these two are the most time consuming but most important part of the project.

Then for a third pass we swap types of pads on our machines 

-100 grit transitional pads 

After 100 grit transitional pads we then swap over to the true polishing disc onto the machines. These are resin bonded diamond disc. 

-200 grit

-400 grit

-800 girt (800 grit is the industry standard grit level that begins to show as a true polished concrete floor,)

Then we can keep going to 1,500-3,000 etc but all depends on what you want your floor to look like in the final end apperance. 

Basically ever step or pass is just removing the scratches from the grinding process before. Grit levels make the scratches less and less until the final result is one very hard concrete surface that will look great and resist those scuffs and scratches. 

Contact us today to discuss your project and maybe we can answer any additional questions you may have.

It sounds difficult but it is acutually very simple to polish concrete.

The right tools, equipment, and proper understanding is all that is required. Concrete is our life and that is all we do understand. 

Color can be added to your polished concrete floor. One or multiple color variations if desired.