Special Online Offers

Concrete Polishing $3.00 per square foot

For a limited time $3.00 sq ft special price for grinding and leveling concrete service and hone and polish up too 1,500 diamond grit finish. This will give your floor a terrazzo like look and a natural shine that will last. 

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$100 Off any new or replacement standard concrete installation

$100 off any new concrete project driveways, patio, repair or replace

$100 Off any concrete project including driveways, patio, sidewalks, slabs, building slabs, and more!

Just mention this discount upon completion of your project. $100 off will be deducted right off your total. 

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Interior Concrete Staining One Acid Color $2.00 per square foot.

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For a limited time $2.00 per square foot acid or simiulated acid stain and seal. Residential or Commercial customers both welcome to grab this special price. 800 square foot minimum. 

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